About Us

Based in Marseille, our company can assist you in underwater and aerial photography and videography for your projects, such as feature-length films, adverts and documentaries.

Whether underwater, in the sea or in caves, or in the air, our camera operator Erwan FREUDENREICH will take care of getting the images you need for your project.

We combine ten years of experience in the film and entertainment industry with extensive knowledge of the marine environment, and operate both in France and internationally.

We prepare the scouting and marine logistics for your projects, but also accompany your actors in the marine environment. We organize your shootings with all the safety needed in these environments thanks to our skilled drone pilots and scuba divers.



According to the Scandinavian mythology, the Bifrost is the rainbow connecting the Land of Men to the God’s Realm. It symbolizes a bridge, a connection between two distant and unreachable places.

The Underwater World and the Sky are also two distinct universes that Man has tried to conquer. Nowadays, thanks to new technologies and successive explorations, we can and must immortalize, preserve and pass them down to future generations.

And so Bifrost was born.